Digitalization of the energy industry

topic area

This topic area includes the development of digital applications and the analysis and evaluation of the latest technologies. New concepts are intended to create future value-added services for small and medium-sized companies as well as the general public.


enviaM cooperation

Ifem has been working with enviaM (local electric energy provider) since 2015 as part of a research collaboration. The aim is to put end customers at the heart of the transformation to a digitalized energy world and to research added value for these customers based on the new possibilities. This involves supporting the development of new products as well as analyzing and evaluating existing products and supporting their further development.

For example enviaM's iONA app, as an added value of the "Mein Strom digital" electricity customer plan, can be traced back to the cooperation with Mittweida University of Applied Sciences. During the turbulent year of the energy industry in 2022, questions were quickly addressed and answered interactively within the iONA app.

The implications of the dynamization of electricity prices for end customers are currently being researched. The results of the research activities are in turn being incorporated into the development of the "Mein Strom Vision" plan.

The possibilities for sector coupling and their implications for end customers are also considered. The increasing use of heat pumps makes new billing and tariff models interesting. These and other ways of incentivizing home automation are being researched together with enviaM.

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René Härtel

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